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Australian parliament @aussieparledits
Austrian parliament and ministries @politikedits
Canadian government @gccaedits
Central Intelligence Agency @ciaedits
Dutch government @OverheidEdits
European Union @euroedit
German parliament and government @bundesedit
Goldman Sachs @goldmanedits
Irish government @RialtasWatch
Israeli government @israeledits
Italian government @ItaGovEdits
Monsanto Company @monsantoedits
NATO @natoedits
New Zealand government @nzgovtedits
Norwegian parliament and government @wikistorting
Oil industry @oiledits
Pentagon @pentagonedits
PhRMA member organizations @phrmaedits
Polish government and ministries
Russian government @RuGovEdits
Swedish parliament @RiksdagWikiEdit
Swiss government @swissgovedit
United Nations @un_edits
Ukranian government @UaGovEdits
US Congress @congressedits